JimJam Graphics is a motion graphics studio based in Sheffield, UK.

After working for over a decade as an artist at the games company Electronic Arts (EA Games), Jamie Bradshaw left to start up JimJam Graphics in 2009. Be it post production, music videos, commercials or logo idents, the aim is to always deliver high-quality motion design.

JimJam Graphics has provided work for a wide range of clients which include Sony, Dreamworks and EA.

Please feel free to use any of the methods below to contact Jamie


Calculate - Music Video

Artist: Amon Tobin.

Taking inspiration from the title of the track as well as the music, we wanted to make a music video set in a simple graphical world of calculation and information processing.

The video was created for the Amon Tobin fan video project and has been selected to be part of a future Amon Tobin release.


JamVee is the collaboration name of JimJam Graphics and XYZee Design, aka Kid Vector.


Spliff Dub - JamVee Skit

Artist: Phonat

A short experiment for dynamic shapes using the excellent Plexus plugin in After Effects. We took inspiration from the great chaotic nature of the Phonat track, Spliff Dub. POM POM!


JamVee Skits are a ≈10-20 second piece to experiment with an idea or concept with the potential to become a more final piece. JamVee is the collaboration name of JimJam Graphics and XYZee Design, aka Kid Vector.


Like One Returning From The Waves - Music Video

Artist: Symbion Project

The aim of this music video was to tap in to the spatial and haunting quality of the track. The sea effect was created with the Psunami plugin for After Effects using expressions to link the camera movement.


Lotus Flower - Music Video (Remix)

Artist: Radiohead

Using a set of corruption presets developed within After Effects, this video is a simple remix of the great Lotus Flower video directed by Garth Jennings.


Supermassive Games - Logo Ident

Client: Supermassive Games

The brief was to create a short logo ident for the games company Supermassive Games. Using the subject of space as a starting point, the ident was also designed to remain neutral so that it could work with a wide range of genres. 


Gaberdine - Music Video

Artist: Walls

Created entirely in After Effects, the video uses simple geometric shapes to build up vibrant patterns that pulse and distort to the track. Individual elements of the music were used to directly influence many aspects of the video such as shape, colour and timing which all culminated towards an end result that compliments the mesmerising and haunting sounds of the track.


Spare Parts - EA Logo

Client: EA Games

JimJam Graphics were commissioned to work on many videos for the upcoming online, sci-fi romp, Spare Parts. A lot of the work was for in-game cutscenes and therefore not allowed to be shared here, but this is the branded logo ident I created for the Spare Parts franchise.


Big Match Striker - Informercial

Client: Supermassive Games

JimJam Graphics were commissioned to make four infomercials for the Big Match Striker online football game. Each infomercial was designed to show specific aspects of the game as well as showcase the tone and humor of the game experience.


Mobile Mast - Music Video

Artist: Posthuman

When I was approached by the band to make this video I was hooked on the hefty bass and the stomping beat. I wanted to make a video that captured the straight up dance aesthetic of the music but also slowly developed with subtle changes through out.

There was something about the track that made me want to play with the contrast of light reflecting and refracting through glass in a dark and moody room.

“Mobile Mast”
Taken from the album Syn Emergence on Balkan Vinyl

JimJam Graphics


Tumble - Intro Video

Client: Supermassive Games

This is the intro video I was commissioned to make for the PSN game Tumble.

Tumble is the perfect showcase for the accuracy of the PlayStation Move controller, letting you reach into the screen to balance, build, solve and demolish your way through more than 70 unique challenges.


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